Mary Hessler, LPTA/LMT

 Expert  level of Myofascial Release John Barnes approach and Advanced Craniosacral Therapist from Upledger  Instiute

While in massage school, I was introduced to many different types of treatment modalities to relax and relieve stress and pain. I was searching for something new that would help clients that weren’t able to get pain relief from traditional health modalities. I, myself, had been dealing with pain issues such as TMJ and various body aches since college. I wanted to work with a holistic, natural way of freeing myself from pain.   

In 1988, I arrived at the John Barnes Myofascial release series. I received so much relief of my pain symptoms, both physically and emotionally, during that seminar series.  I knew at that time this was “the missing link”. This is the type of therapy I want to share with others. This type of therapy makes sense. A few years later I added to my education Upledger’s Craniosacral therapy’ style of techniques, which works with and compliments MFR well.  

MFR and CST have given me the ability to enjoy, love, and embrace life to its fullest.

My personal belief is that wellness comes from freeing the fascia, self-treatment, following a personally designed stretching and strengthening program all while embodying the mind/body connection.
For more information regarding my educational background simply give me a call or send me an email.

I specialize in treating a variety of health concerns such as

     chronic pain,




     Lyme disease,

     women’s health issues and more. 


I enjoy working with clients and patients in all stages of life.

I have extensive experience in teaching others the effectiveness and use of self-treatment with various therapy balls and foam rollers.