I have worked with Mary Hessler for over ten years. As a teenager I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and her myofascial release (MFR) therapy became an integral part of my treatment protocol. I am the type of Lyme patient that has very sensitive muscles. Many forms of innocuous stimuli such as ironing, walking, sitting, standing, cooking, etc, can trigger my muscles to contract and become very sore. This means that most forms of deep tissue therapy are a bit too intense. After a traditional massage, my muscles have the tendency to either stay the same or get worse due to overstimulation. With MFR Therapy, I was able to find a less intense and more non invasive therapy to offer me consistent relief. At the very least, a massage allows my body to reset before it goes back to being tight again. At its best, I have experienced some long term changes that have provided me with a better baseline for my physical and emotional health. Compared to other MFR therapists I know, Mary is one of the better attuned to treat her patients. Instead of using the same techniques every treatment, she is instead able to listen to a person’s body and focus on the problem areas that need addressing. This is especially helpful due to the inherent time constraint that is present during all treatments. Because she is able to focus on the areas that actually need help and get to the areas that are less problematic if she has time, the treatments tend to last longer. Mary also knows which kinds of techniques to use. For me in particular, she uses less “kneading” techniques and more prolonged holds. This is helpful because it means that my muscles become less stimulated. When my muscles are less stimulated, they relax easier. Lastly, Mary is also very empathetic listener. She is aware that self disclosure is important to the healing process and she is able to listen to her patients talk about what may stress them out without getting anxious herself. She is able to understand when a person wants to vent and when a person is asking for advice. This is important to help the patient relax on the table. 

Thanks, Doug


Mary Hesseler Physical Therapist Assistant and Massage Therapist, has been treating me using Myofascial Release for the past 5 years in Minnesota. For many years I have seen many Myofascial Release therapists (Physical, Occupational and Massage) and Mary has been the best therapist I have seen.

She has made a very real difference in helping me not only manage my pain and stress, but has improved my overall mobility functioning and pain levels. I manage pain from Psoriatic arthritis, Fibromyalgia, cervical and spinal stenosis, endometriosis, degenerative disc disease, 2 cervical fusions, several car accidents, death of a spouse, and motherhood.

Mary has a lot of endurance and stamina to hold releases as long as my body needs, sometimes through several layers at a time. She is honest, trustworthy, very knowledgeable, and skillful. In fact, she continues to go to Myofascial seminars in order to retain her skills and keep up to date on new techniques. She is very effective at helping her patients to let go of any trauma and emotions that arise during treatment. 

​In addition, she teaches ball and roller techniques to enhance my treatment and to manage pain at home.





I highly recommend Mary Hessler for her Myofascial Release work. She is
excellent, exceptionally skilled and qualified. I have gone to her since 2014.
She has helped me with problems I have had from many childbirths,surgery,and
several injuries. The work she has done on me has helped me to enjoy life more
freely and quickly again. She is very caring and comfortable to be with, which
puts you at ease as she works. My quality of life wouldn't be the same without
Mary's skill of Myofacial Release. I can't recommend Mary enough, because
of all she has done for me and my family. She is someone I trust, not only her
work, but also her honesty and integrity as a person. I continue to go to her
when I need work done.

Karen R.


​​Mary Hessler is part wonder woman-part angel. She is kind, intuitive expert-exactly the practitioner you want. Having chronic lyme disease, severe incapacitating menstrual pain, and multiple injuries, my body had become very uncomfortable to move or be in. Myofascial Realease (& Mary) has been a life saver. I feel so much better & now have the tools to treat myself between visits with her. Mary has empowered me & helped me with all my issues. Let her empower you too! I can't sing her praises enough! And a special note to people with Lyme...... Mary has treated many patients with Lyme disease. I was very thankful to find someone who is knowledgeable in treating someone with Lyme, and very understanding with that particular diagnosis and what it entails.



I highly recommend Mary Hessler to parents of children with special needs. Mary currently is using craniosacral therapy (a very gentle and effective method) on my son. 
The results are amazing! My son is calmer, clearly more focused, more in touch with his environment, and moving toward more verbalization. 
Thank you Mary!!
Kai's mom